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After Sales Service

When your mortgage is completed The Mortgage Advice Shop will contact you to confirm all has gone according to plan and all relevant insurances etc. are in place.

At any time after completion you need additional help with lenders or insurance providers we are only a telephone call away. Contacting us couldn't be easier either by telephone, email, facebook or SMS text message we will be only too pleased to sort out any problems that may occur.

If your mortgage deal was for 2, 3, 5 years or longer we will continue to keep in touch with you on a regular basis to update you with all the latest deals.

We will always contact you two or three months before your existing deal expires. This will enable us to arrange a smooth move between lenders when remortgaging.

When moving home it is sometimes prudent to continue your mortgage with your existing lender. We can assist in all the paperwork involved in this process.

Supposing your circumstances have changed since we last arranged your mortgage then it is always prudent to give us a call, we may be able to sort out any additional problems or queries.

How we look after our customers

We are committed to ensuring all customers have a positive experience during their relationship with us. 


  • We recognise that fair treatment of our customers is about adding value to the service we offer by aiming to protect the interests of customers throughout the lifetime of their mortgage with us
  • Meet as best we can the unique needs of each customer by offering a transparent, efficient and professional service and constantly reviewing our service to identify areas for improvement.


In practical terms for the different areas of our business this means:

  • Developing & marketing products based on clear understanding of the likely needs & financial capability of each customer
  • Providing clear, fair and not misleading communications at all times
  • Making charges transparent
  • Being clear to customers about what The Mortgage Advice Shop, our products and services offer
  • Identifying common underlying causes of complaints and taking action to improve our processes and services
  • Monitoring and responding appropriately to changes in market conditions that may impact new and existing customers
  • Investing time in the ongoing development and training of all staff to ensure continuing excellent customer service


For more information contact The Mortgage Advice Shop