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Advantages of a Mortgage Broker V Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage brokers are companies or individuals that work closely with wholesale mortgage lenders to provide their customers with a wide selection of mortgages. A mortgage broker originates loans while the mortgage lender actually funds the loans. Banks normally offer only a small number of loan options to their customers. Mortgage brokers on the other hand, deal with a vast number of mortgage lenders. This increases the variety of loans that can be offered to a mortgage company's customers. This also enables the Mortgage Broker to find the ideal loan for their customers needs.

A Mortgage Broker is knowledgeable about the entire loan process and is able to use their superior knowledge to help their customers secure the best loan to fit their needs. A Mortgage Broker is obliged to find out as much information as possible about the needs of their customers, then looks at all of the available mortgage options. Another big advantage in using a mortgage broker is they deal with most mortgage lenders from across the nation referred to as 'whole of market'. This helps customers have access to the most competitive rates and options available.

Advantages of using a Mortgage Broker instead of a local bank or building society

· Offer a larger variety of mortgage options not just from one lender

· Normally offer the most competitive rates from the whole of the market

· Mortgage brokers only deal with mortgages & associated products, so they are highly specialised

· Highly motivated to get their customers' loans approved

No Obligation

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