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Welcome to The Mortgage Advice Shop

House purchase can be a complicated, costly and stressful experience.

THE MORTGAGE ADVICE SHOP will help you take the hassle out of moving, keeping the cost down and provide you with valuable help every step of the way.


Mortgages should be straightforward - you borrow money to buy a house and pay interest on the loan. But after a few enquiries, you soon realise that it's not so simple after all. In a hugely competitive market, building societies and banks are continually updating and extending their range of mortgages. The list is already extensive enough to baffle all but the most determined and with many estate agents now being owned and run by banks, building societies and insurance companies, can you be sure that the mortgage schemes they offer are unbiased?

Even if you make your own arrangements, can you be certain that you are getting the best deal ?

Why not remove that doubt by instructing the MORTGAGE ADVICE SHOP to work on your behalf.

Our computerised mortgage sourcing facility allows us to find the most suitable mortgage scheme for you from the whole of the market.

  • Most of our clients, particularly First-Time Buyers, contact us before looking for a property. This is time well spent and our mortgage advice is given freely and without obligation.
  • At our initial meeting we aim to cover the following points with you.
  • Assess how much you can borrow
  • Estimate total costs involved
  • Explain the different types of mortgage and make recommendations based on your requirements
  • Inform you of any special offers available which could benefit you
  • Explain the next steps and timescales
  • Provide you with a Mortgage Certificate this will show you are a genuine purchaser, and any offers you make will be taken more seriously

You are now in a position to seek your ideal home, secure in the knowledge that you are looking in the right price range and are aware of the financial implications.

When you have decided on your new home, we will confirm availability of the latest mortgage schemes using our computerised facility and complete all application forms with you, to save you time and avoid worry.

At this stage we can help with choosing a solicitor, discuss life & critical illness cover, sickness accident & redundancy plans , buildings and contents insurance.

For more information contact The Mortgage Advice Shop